It started with a remote Australian town and a PhD Chemist wanting to stop coriander going slimy.

In 2005 Dr Gary Erickson and his wife Merrill were operating a restaurant in rural New South Wales and were frustrated by the fact that fruits, vegetables and herbs lasted only days before decomposing in the cool room.

As a chemist with a background developing hospital sanitation technology using very high levels Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV), he theorised that very low levels of HPV in refrigerated spaces could reduce food spoilage microbes and food waste. He developed the first ChillSafe prototype and proved the concept extending the freshness of produce used in his restaurant.

Whilst attending an international food Expo, Gary and Merryl met Thomas deMasi, an experienced food retailing and marketing consultant. Coming from a family Fruit and Vegetable business, Thomas could see the value of Gary’s invention across the entire supply chain.

Together they co-founded Coolsan Australia and over the last 10 years, supported by their specialised team, have commercialised the ChillSafe range of products to tackle food waste and food hygiene globally.

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LEFT: SARDI Food Safety and Innovation Microbiology Laboratory Manager Geoff Holds (left) with Coolsan Principal Scientist Dr Gary Erickson (front) and Coolsan Chief Executive Thomas deMasi (right) during ChillSafe testing in 2014.