One small-ish sachet having a big effect on supply chain hygiene

Better Hygiene.
Less Spoilage.

24/7 broad spectrum protection against microbial contamination, ethylene and odour.

Our Patented low dose Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology works continuously to actively improve food safety and reduce spoilage.

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Providing value you can measure

“Whilst using ChillSafe we experienced a reduction in deposited moulds, yeasts and bacteria (settle plate test method) in our cold rooms and this has been reflected in an increased shelf-life on our manufactured products.”
“Last season, ChillSafe saved us 5% on fruit storage – waste was reduced from about 8% to 3%. On 1000 bins, that’s the equivalent of saving around 20-25 tonnes of fruit! And ChillSafe is safe, easy to use and odourless.”
(Citrus case study)

A powerful supply chain partner

Billions of dollars are spent annually on ensuring food safety, reducing risk and extending shelf-life

To combat these costs and improve commercial outcomes, we developed ChillSafe®

ChillSafe is a HACCP and Organic Australia certified air treatment product, supplied in sachet format, that generates hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) 24/7 for better hygiene and less spoilage throughout the entire supply chain. 

Our ultra low dose vapour constantly treats the air and every surface of any space reaching the most hard to clean places and can be used wherever people work.

ChillSafe complements existing hygiene solutions creating an active ChillSafe Zone to reduce cross contamination risk over time and protect storage spaces and food against unwanted bacteria, mould, yeast, viruses, ethylene and odour.

Environmentally activated

Easy to install

Small & compact
13cm x 18cm

No power required

No moving parts

Safe to use

Better Hygiene. Less Spoilage.

ChillSafe in action on fresh produce


ChillSafe in action on surfaces

Storage rack 6 months without ChillSafe installation
Storage rack 6 months with ChillSafe installation
Cool room ceiling before ChillSafe installation
Cool room ceiling 8 weeks after ChillSafe installation

Easy to use and install across the entire supply chain

With flexible solutions for small or large spaces – ChillSafe can be used in pallets, pack houses, cool rooms, transport & export, processing plants, distribution centres and retailers

Evidence of creating more marketable produce and improving facility hygiene, comes from 10 years development, independent studies and global customer experience


Global users


㎥ treated


Retail ROI achieved

A powerful supply chain partner

The value we deliver is measured in millions of dollars in savings, sales and brand enhancement

We trialled ChillSafe in a number of our cold rooms for 6 months before making ChillSafe our preferred method for improving our control over both bacterial and mould activity in our cold storage areas. Over the trial period we experienced a reduction in deposited moulds yeasts and bacteria (settle plate test method) in our cold rooms and this has been reflected in an increased shelf-life on our manufactured products.
Leanne Ambrose, National Quality Manager, Vili’s Bakery
“We have been using ChillSafe at all four of our McDonald’s restaurants since 2015. These product speaks for itself! Since installing all salads and fruits within the cool rooms have remained fresher and crisper and there has been a noticeable reduction in odours and cross contamination. We are committed to the continued use of the ChillSafe system for years to come.”
Greg Tsai, Operations Manager, Delbridge Group, McDonald’s Restaurants
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