Consumer outrage over excessive food spoilage, waste and plastic packaging.

Heavy reliance on chemical treatments.

Food-borne diseases are responsible for preventable deaths and illnesses globally.

There is no silver bullet, but we can improve the situation.

Create a 24/7 ChillSafe Zone for broad spectrum protection against bacteria, mould, yeast and viruses as well as ethylene and odours.

When used in conjunction with existing shelf-life extension technologies and existing cleaning and hygiene routines, you’ll experience real differences you can see, smell, feel and measure.

Make ChillSafe an essential part of your HACCP food safety program.

The science


Each Tyvek® sachet contains very safe common ingredients. The active ingredient, sodium percarbonate, is used in everyday household detergents with “oxy” action.


Absorption of water vapour from the air activates the sodium percarbonate, creating an ultra low dose Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV).


On contact with microbes, ethylene and odours the HPV breaks down to oxygen and water and is constantly replenished by the ChillSafe sachet for 30 days.

What is ultra low?

ChillSafe HPV is at least 10-times less than the globally recognised OSHA safety threshold limit of 1ppm. It’s so low, you can hardly measure it, but within 30 days you can see, smell, feel and measure the difference.

Why hydrogen peroxide?

We chose hydrogen peroxide due to its safety, broad spectrum antimicrobial properties and ability to actively remove ethylene and odours in a ChillSafe HPV Zone.

Evidence of ChillSafe’s efficacy in commercial trials

Reduction in Bacillus atrophaeus spores on biological indicators

This chart shows the cumulative effect of ChillSafe on Bacillus atrophaeus indicator spores commonly used to confirm hospital sanitation procedures using extremely high dose HPV treatment.
The study was conducted by the South Australian Research and Development Institute, in three independent food service establishment coolrooms, over three months confirming a 2-3 log reduction in viable spore counts.

Reduction of TVC in ChillSafe Treated Abattoir

This chart shows the results of microbial swabs collected at a commercial UK abattoir over a period of three months. The measured total viable count (TVC) decreased significantly on the walls of the Chill Hall, surface of the evaporator unit and a sample of offal retained within the environment.

Effect of ChillSafe on Ethylene in 3°C Coolroom

This chart highlights the effect of ChillSafe on ethylene gas introduced into a refrigerated space at high concentration. The dark blue line shows the reduction of ethylene without ChillSafe, the light blue line shows the accelerated reduction of ethylene in the same refrigerated space with ChillSafe.

The installation

ChillSafe works in any ambient or refrigerated food storage or handling area.

Simply install ChillSafe on the wall of any food storage space, either using the sticker provided on each sachet or the ChillSafe racking system, and water vapour in the air activates each sachet for 30 days.

ChillSafe sachets are available in two convenient sizes, C25 treats up to 25m3 and C50 treats up to 50m3.

The ChillSafe racking system optimises sachet performance and allows up to 5 sachets of any size to be daisy chained for larger spaces simplifying sachet installation, relocation for cleaning and replacement every 30 days.