Shipping Disclaimer

All goods are shipped using a method requiring a signature upon delivery. Should you choose to organise your own shipping method requiring collection from our office (local pickup), it is your sole responsibility to ensure the safe and complete delivery of your order. Coolsan® Australia will accept no liability for your order not delivered in full, on time or damaged. See clause 7 for full terms regarding delivery.


Terms & Conditions

This agreement is a contract between the customer (you) and Coolsan® Australia Pty Ltd ABN 85 154 799 765, 263 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (Coolsan Australia). These terms apply to the ordering, purchase and delivery of Goods from and form a contract between you and Coolsan Australia (Terms) as amended from time to time.

These Terms contain important information about the ordering, processing and delivery of Goods, including limitations of liability.

If you have any questions, please contact Coolsan Australia on 1300 390 811 or contact us via this email and we will be happy to assist you.

1. Definitions

The following definitions apply to these Terms.

Business Day means a week day in which trading banks are open for the transaction of banking business in Adelaide, Australia.

Delivery Address means the address to which the Goods are to be delivered as stated on your Order.

Delivery Agent means a nominated third party delivery or shipping company for Coolsan Australia.

Delivery Fee means the fee charged by the Delivery Agent for the delivery of Goods under clause 7.

Freighted Goods means Goods whose order total weighs more than the specified weight of 22kg for delivery by Australia Post, and is therefore required to be sent via freight to you.

Goods means the items offered for sale described or displayed on the Website.

GST has the meaning given in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth).

Law means any written rule or collection of rules, including, but not limited to any statute, regulation, order or rule, any government ordinance or by-law, any governmental agency's rule, regulation or determination, and any form of custom or policy recognised and enforced by judicial decision.

Order means a request by you to purchase Goods from Coolsan Australia under these Terms.

Personal Information has the meaning given in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Price means the purchase price of each Good as specified on the Website (including GST).

Privacy Policy means the Coolsan Privacy Policy found on the Website. View the Coolsan Privacy Policy here.

Website means the site available from

Website Terms means the terms governing your use of the Website, in addition to these Terms.

We, Us, Our and Coolsan Australia means Coolsan® Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 85 154 799 765).

You and Your means you as the purchaser of Goods from Coolsan Australia pursuant to these Terms.

2. Compliance with Terms and Conditions

2.1 You will be bound by these Terms when you submit an Order via the Website, telephone or email. Each Order you place will be a separate contract between you and Coolsan Australia for the supply of Goods, under these Terms.

3. Placing Orders for Goods

3.1 An Order submitted by you is an offer by you to purchase Goods for the Price (plus any Delivery Fee and GST) as specified at the time you submit your Order.

3.2 In completing the Order form, you agree to provide complete and accurate details to enable the processing and delivery of your Order. This information will also be used by the Delivery Agent to deliver your Order.

3.3 Coolsan Australia will not be liable to you for your loss or that of any third party for a delay or failure to process, fulfil or deliver Goods to you due to inaccurate or incomplete details provided in an Order by you.

3.4 You may Order from Coolsan Australia if you have a registered account with Coolsan® Australia Pty Ltd.

3.5 To create a registered account with you must contact us at with your name and contact details.

3.6 When your account registration is complete with you will be able to purchase Goods from the website and be registered to receive regular Coolsan® Australia newsletters.

3.7 Once you submit your Order, cancellations of your Order or changes to the Goods in your Order cannot be made (unless by agreement with Coolsan Australia or otherwise under these Terms). You should check your Order carefully before submitting your Order. For terms on cancellations refer to clause 9.

3.8 Where you place consecutive or separate Orders, we cannot consolidate the Orders into one. A separate Delivery Fee will apply to each Order - see clause 7.

3.9 Single orders cannot be split for delivery to different locations.

3.10 You will be provided with an Order number when you submit your Order. The Order number is required when contacting Coolsan Australia about your Order.

4. Acceptance and Rejection of Orders

4.1 Coolsan Australia reserves the right to accept or reject your Order for any reason at any time.

4.2 When we accept an Order, it constitutes an agreement by Coolsan Australia to supply the Goods under these Terms.

4.3 If we reject an Order, we will notify you of the reason for rejection via email within 5 Business Days.

4.4 Coolsan Australia will not be liable to you for your loss or that of any third party for the rejection of an Order.

4.5 If we reject an Order and your payment for the Goods has already been processed, we will refund any money paid to us in respect of that Order under clause 6.

4.6 If we cannot contact you about your Order using the contact details you provide in the Order, after having made reasonable attempts to contact you, we will reject the Order under clause 4.1 and notify you of that rejection via phone or email within 5 Business Days.

5. Price and Payment

5.1 The Price in respect of a Good is specified on the Website or by Agreement with Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd.

5.2 Unless otherwise stated, all Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and where applicable, exclusive of goods and services tax (GST). Any fees and charges (e.g. Delivery Fees) imposed by these Terms also exclude GST where applicable.

5.3 Coolsan Australia reserves the right to change or alter Prices of Goods on the Website without notice to you. If you have already submitted an Order at a particular Price, there will be no change or alteration to that Price.

5.4 For each Order, we will charge you and you agree to pay:

(a) the Price (which is the Price at the time the Order is submitted); and

(b) the Delivery Fee.

5.5 You can pay for your Goods by any of the methods specified on the Order form on the Website, including direct deposit or Pay Pal.

5.6 Any payment for an Order must be cleared by Coolsan Australia before Goods are despatched. If your payment cannot be processed, your Order will be rejected under clause 4 and you will be notified of this via email.

5.7 In paying or attempting to pay for Goods, you agree that you have not engaged in any fraudulent conduct or contravened any Law.

5.8 You will receive an Order confirmation by email once payment has been processed.

5.9 Legal ownership, or title, to the goods will not pass to the buyer until the buyer has paid for the goods in full.

5.10 Coolsan Australia reserves title in all goods supplied to the buyer, until the buyer has settled all outstanding invoices to the seller.

Credit Application

5.11 For goods purchased via 30 Day Term Invoice, a Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd Credit Application Form must be completed by the purchaser and submitted to Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd for approval. You may Order from Coolsan Australia upon approval of your Credit Application.

5.12 For credit limits exceeding $30,000.00 per month, Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd requires a Directors Guarantee and Indemnity Form be completed by the purchaser and submitted to Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd.

6. Return Goods

6.1 Return of goods is only available if the Products delivered are faulty or damaged.