What is ChillSafe®?

Made in Australia, ChillSafe is a simple to use sanitation sachet that provides food service and hospitality professionals advanced hygiene and mould reduction technology for their commercial cool rooms and refrigerated transport.

The multi-award winning and HACCP Approved ChillSafe is safe to use, is environmentally activated, it requires no power or moving parts and actively works 24/7 for up to 30 days to continuously combat three of the most common issues affecting quality, costs and sustainability of refrigerated spaces and the products stored within them:

ChillSafe results graph

Picture 1

Cool room mould

Picture 2 – Before ChillSafe installation

Mould reduction

8 weeks after ChillSafe installation

What are the benefits of ChillSafe to my business?

Unlike other sanitation technologies, the vapour from one ChillSafe sachet provides continuous antibacterial activity for up to 30 days, inhibiting pathogen and mould growth as the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) vapour fills and treats the entire refrigerated space and easily penetrates hard to clean and reach places such as throughout the chiller unit, underneath equipment and in deep cracks and gaps where mould and biofilms can grow and flourish.

The ROS generated in the ChillSafe Sachet is safe to use and leaves no chemical residue on any surfaces as the ROS break down into water and oxygen as they work to reduce mould, bacteria and ethylene in your storage space.

A major additional benefit of the continuous 24/7 Coolsan process is that it creates an invisible protective barrier for the refrigerated space, reducing the risk of contamination from pathogenic organisms introduced during normal everyday activities, providing an additional level of risk management that is easily incorporated into any QA or HACCP program. 

How does ChillSafe work?

The ChillSafe sachet uses the patented Coolsan method to continuously produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide ROS vapour by absorbing moisture from the air that reacts with the active ingredient contained in the sachet.

This environmentally activated process forms a low concentration hydrogen peroxide solution that is spread over an evaporative surface that facilitates the continuous evaporation of hydrogen peroxide vapour through the Tyvek pouch, and into the storage space,  targeting airborne and surface based bacteria, mould and ethylene.

bacteria mould yeast ethylene commercial coolrooms

ChillSafe’s technology is safe, cost effective and easy to implement into your existing QA or HACCP program.

What clients are saying…

vilis“We trialled ChillSafe in a number of our cool rooms for 6 months before making ChillSafe our preferred method for improving our control over both bacterial and mould activity in our cold storage areas. Over the trial period we experienced a reduction in deposited moulds yeasts and bacteria (settle plate test method) in our cool rooms and this has been reflected in an increased shelf life on our manufactured products.”

mulga“We had the cool room down for a couple of days a few weeks ago and usually that means mould begins to grow, however this time, no mould. Go figure, the product works!”

cumby“I was skeptical at first, but after only 3 or 4 weeks of the ChillSafe being installed in our coolroom, staff members started noticing that the air was fresher and that the odours had been reduced. We also noticed some herbs and certain produce that would have traditionally been discarded, were still in good and usable condition. The test results we achieved in the reduction of bacteria, mould and yeast with the ChillSafe process are outstanding.”

aif“After only 3 weeks of using ChillSafe at our facilities, I was pleased to see the result of the microbial reduction in the standard plate count. I also noticed there was an improvement with the odours in the coolrooms, especially where we stored our fresh ingredients such as onion, coriander and parsley, and the herbs which are kept for longer in the coolroom are still looking green. As such I have chosen to continue to use the Coolsan ChillSafe product for its ongoing benefits and as an alternative to the Woolworths standard requirement for applying a bactericidal gel to chiller units in our coolrooms.”

benjamin“We agreed to trial the ChillSafe product as part of Coolsan proof of concept phase. After only a couple of months it became obvious that the product really starts to clean the air handling system, as the condition of the air quality within the coolroom improved, as did the reduction of odours. We also noticed a general overall improvement in the quality of the produce. We were impressed by our test results and with the dramatic decline in bacteria, mould and yeast. It is clear to me that this product can help reduce food risk and waste, and we will continue to use the product into the future.”

ed“We have been using ChillSafe for a couple of months and the most obvious strengths of the product are its ability to reduce strong odours, freshen the coolroom air and keep our herbs and some other produce crisper and fresher. An extra bonus with the product is that our chiller unit, which is an older unit, has not iced up since we installed the sachet, saving us both the time and inconvenience. We were impressed with the microbial reduction during the trial phase and we are looking forward to continuing to use the product to reduce our food risk and waste.”

peninsula“This is a fantastic product which delivered exactly what was promised, I am thrilled at the results and the difference it has made, I will definitely continue to use ChillSafe in all my walk-in cold rooms.”

picknpay“I have had the pleasure of trialling ChillSafe in our walk-in fridges for approximately 5 weeks now. I must say that I am really over the moon with the reduction in mould build up and more impressively, the odour reductions, not to mention the ease of use and extended shelf life. These have been areas of concern for us as we were failing our health audits due to these factors. I will definitely be making use of the product going forward and would definitely recommend it further for trials at other outlets.”

country-club“Ever since we started using ChillSafe in our 5 walk-in cold rooms, I have noticed significant improvement in shelf life of the fresh produce, cooked food and raw meat as well as a massive reduction in odours. I believe this is a fantastic product and than you once again for introducing it to us.”

yume“After only a few weeks, it was obvious that the ChillSafe product really cleaned my walk-in fridges, the reduction of odours and overall improvement in the quality of the produce, especially fruits and herbs was obvious. There is no doubt ChillSafe can help reduce food risk and waste, I will definitely use this brilliant product in both my restaurants.”

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