ChillSafe benefits and uses, your questions answered

We hope this concise list of FAQ answers any questions you have about ChillSafe’s benefits and uses, how it works and what makes it unique. If you can not find an answer to your specific question, please contact us on 1300 390 811 or email us at info@coolsan.com.au and we would be happy to assist you.

Why do I need ChillSafe?2017-01-19T14:54:58+09:30

To continuously combat three of the most common issues affecting quality, costs and sustainability of refrigerated spaces and the products stored within them:

1. Microbial Growth – Damaging bacteria that increase pathogen risk for human consumption and decomposes fresh produce.

2. Mould Growth – Damaging moulds that degrade food, create OH&S risks and increase cool room maintenance costs.

3. Excess Ethylene – A naturally occurring plant hormone that hastens the ripening process.

How does ChillSafe work?2017-01-19T14:21:08+09:30

The ChillSafe sachet uses the patented Coolsan method to continuously produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide ROS vapour by absorbing moisture from the air that reacts with the active ingredient contained in the sachet.

This environmentally activated process forms a low concentration hydrogen peroxide solution that is spread over an evaporative surface that facilitates the continuous evaporation of hydrogen peroxide vapour through the Tyvek pouch, and into the storage space,  targeting airborne and surface based bacteria, mould and ethylene.

  • reducing bacteria – breaks down the bacteria walls at a cellular level
  • reducing ethylene – attacks the double bond of ethylene, and under the right conditions, oxidises to carbon dioxide and water

  • reducing moulds  inhibits the growth by sanitising the space

  • reducing odours – reacts with odorous molecules to break them down to water vapour and oxygen

What are the benefits of using ChillSafe?2017-01-19T14:25:09+09:30

The proven user benefits of the ChillSafe process for food service operators are:

  • continuous reduction in air borne and surface based pathogen risk

  • continuous reduction in ethylene

  • continuous reduction in moulds and mould related issues

ChillSafe’s technology is safe, cost effective and easy to implement into your existing QA or HACCP program.

Why is ChillSafe an eco product?2017-01-19T14:25:16+09:30

ChillSafe is an eco hygiene solution. It utilises a sustainable green sanitation process that uses reactive oxygen species (ROS) as the sanitation agent. The process is safe to use and leaves no chemical residues on any surfaces as the only chemicals to make contact with surfaces are reactive oxygen molecules.

Why is ChillSafe good for your business and the environment?2017-01-19T14:25:51+09:30
  • it does not require any electricity
  • there is no retro fitting of technology
  • there is no down time on the chiller unit for installation
  • it has no moving or replaceable parts
  • requires no servicing
  • is easy to use and install
  • is allergy free and safe for humans
  • the by-product of the ChillSafe ROS process is water vapour and oxygen
  • biodegradable up to 99.9%
  • non toxic
  • non corrosive
  • leaves no residue

Food Waste is a major global issue and one of the biggest contributors to green house gas emissions. Good food storage and hygiene processes, coupled with innovations like ChillSafe can go some way to reduce our contribution to this enormous issue. To find out more, please see our Food Waste Facts on the home page.

Why use ChillSafe?2017-01-20T19:20:24+09:30

Cool rooms and refrigerated transport accumulate high levels of bacteria, and regular cleaning and disinfecting alone cannot control the spread of microorganisms.

[fusion_content_boxes layout=”clean-horizontal” columns=”1″ animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ margin_bottom=”-90px”] [fusion_content_box title=”Key bacteria fact: ” icon=”” backgroundcolor=”” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”” circlebordercolor=”” circlebordercolorsize=”” outercirclebordercolor=”” outercirclebordercolorsize=”” iconrotate=”” iconspin=”no” image=”” image_width=”35″ image_height=”35″ link=”” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]Bacteria multiply by splitting in two. Under the right conditions they double their number every 10 to 30 minutes. If we start with one bacterium that splits every 20 minutes, we would have over two million bacteria in seven hours!*[/fusion_content_box] [/fusion_content_boxes]

Utilising the known power of reactive oxygen species, ChillSafe’s vapour targets bacteria, mould and ethylene at their source to significantly reduce pathogen risk, ethylene, odours and associated food wastage. In real life environments the ChillSafe technology has shown to be extremely effective as the ROS vapour can treat an entire refrigerated space 24/7 continuously for 30 days, with the vapour reaching the most hard to clean places such as throughout the chiller unit, underneath equipment and in deep cracks and gaps.

*Source: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/foodsafetymatters/documents/21849c.pdf

How does ChillSafe save you money?2017-01-19T14:26:18+09:30
  • With the appropriate QA processes in place, user experience has indicated a reduction in the cleaning intervals of chiller units, the downtime required and the associated costs with chemicals and resources.
  • Users have also noted reduction in stock losses.
How do I know ChillSafe is a quality product?2017-01-19T14:26:26+09:30

ChillSafe is made in Australia at a pharmaceutical grade facility to the highest ISO standards. ChillSafe utilises medical and military grade materials, and uses food grade chemicals approved by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). ChillSafe was invented and is proudly manufactured in Australia, helping to create Australian jobs.

Where can I use ChillSafe?2017-01-19T14:24:25+09:30

ChillSafe can be used in refrigerated storage such as bench fridges, display fridges, cool rooms, refrigerated transport and transit vehicles, and refrigerated shipping containers.

Who is ChillSafe suitable for?2017-01-19T14:24:55+09:30
  • General hospitality/catering
  • Food manufacturing/processing or storage
  • Food retailing, franchise or QSR
  • Food service and supply
  • General perishables transport and storage
  • Refrigerated transit and delivery vehicles
Do I still need to clean my chiller unit if I am using ChillSafe sachets?2017-01-19T14:28:03+09:30

The ChillSafe sachet is not a substitute for not maintaining good chiller unit cleanliness or food storage hygiene practices. Coolsan® believes it is imperative that chiller units are clean and maintained to ensure optimal performance of the ChillSafe sachet.

ChillSafe assists in keeping the chiller unit cleaner by actively reducing bacteria and moulds, but the ChillSafe vapour does not and cannot clean dust, dirt or grime from chiller units and a build up of the dust, dirt and grime creates an environment where the ChillSafe vapour will not work as effectively. We recommend that the average FDC chiller unit should be cleaned at least once per year.

How do I get the most out of my ChillSafe sachet?2017-01-19T14:28:30+09:30

ChillSafe should be used and will work at its optimal performance with a well-maintained chiller unit and good food hygiene practices.

Is ChillSafe easy to install and use?2017-01-19T14:28:56+09:30

The ChillSafe sachet is very easy to install! Simply:

  1. Remove the sachet from its packaging.
  2. Take the sachet into the refrigerated space.
  3. Find an area below or near the base of the chiller unit. This allows the vapour to be drawn through the FDC.
  4. Clean the wall thoroughly, with warm soapy water and dry well with paper towel.
  5. Peel away the wax cover strip from the adhesive.
  6. Press the adhesive firmly to the cool room wall. Rub back and forth firmly with your finger to ensure a strong adhesion to wall.

(Note: If the wall is NOT cleaned and dried properly the ChillSafe may come away from the wall)

How soon will I see results after using ChillSafe?2017-01-19T14:30:20+09:30

ChillSafe provides a safe and accumulative effect on your produce and refrigerated space. Akin to taking vitamins, the more time your space is exposed to the vapour, the better the conditions improve. You will begin to notice a change in the odour of your refrigerated space within the first week or two of using ChillSafe, and within 2 – 4 weeks you will notice produce that would have traditionally been discarded still in a good and usable condition. High turnover produce, like herbs, will also begin to store longer and retain their colour and texture.

How should I store my fresh produce to get the most out of ChillSafe?2017-01-19T14:30:46+09:30

For maximum results fresh produce should be stored to allow exposure to the ChillSafe vapour. Produce that is stored in sealed containers or wrapped in plastic wrap will not be adequately exposed to the vapour for the ChillSafe process to be effective. We recommend leaving corners of sealed containers unclipped, lightly wrapping herbs and other produce in perforated plastic bags or baking paper. This will both protect the produce from the drying effects of the chiller unit, plus allow the ChillSafe vapour to circulate freely in and around produce. We do not recommend wrapping produce completely in plastic wrap as that can create an environment for the produce to sweat, which in turn reduces its shelf life.

What if my cool room is larger than 3m x 3m x 2.7m?2017-01-19T14:31:13+09:30

ChillSafe has been proven to work and be effective in spaces that are much larger than the standard 3m x 3m x 2.7m cool room. To manage any increase in cool room size efficiently with ChillSafe simply increase the number of ChillSafe sachets installed within the refrigerated space.

One standard ChillSafe sachet can effectively manage 25m3 of refrigerated space.

I am unsure of how many ChillSafe sachets I will need.2017-01-19T14:31:34+09:30

Simply call us on 1300 390 811 or email info@coolsan.com.au and we can recommend the correct dosage and appropriate number of sachets for you.

How do I purchase product online?2017-01-19T14:31:53+09:30

To purchase ChillSafe through coolsan.com.au you must be a registered user. To be a registered user, simply contact Coolsan on 1300 390 811 or sales@coolsan.com.au to set up your account.

What are the actual effects of ChillSafe on bacteria and ethylene?2017-01-19T14:55:40+09:30

ChillSafe breaks down the bacteria cell walls at a cellular level when the bacteria comes into contact with the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) vapour.

Ethylene is a volatile and reactive chemical that reacts with the ChillSafe vapour.  The ChillSafe vapour attacks the double bond of ethylene, and under the right conditions, oxidises to carbon dioxide and water.

Why is ChillSafe so effective against Ethylene?2017-01-19T14:55:51+09:30

It is well known that ethylene production is stimulated by changing environmental conditions such as temperature(hot/cold), physical damage and microbial activity. The primary advantage of the Coolsan ROS process is it interferes with the ethylene production cycle by targeting both the ethylene molecule itself and bacteria which promote its formation. This dual effect makes ChillSafe the ideal product for use in continuously reducing and managing ethylene levels and there associated costs.

What types of businesses are currently using ChillSafe?2017-01-19T14:33:21+09:30

ChillSafe is being effectively used in restaurants, pubs, grocery stores, large catering facilities and food manufacturing facilities. User experiences with all target markets have seen the effective and safe reduction in bacteria, ethylene, moulds and odours within their refrigerated storage spaces.

How do I become a ChillSafe distributor?2017-01-19T14:35:16+09:30

Coolsan maintains a strong relationship with our Distributors to ensure they are the right fit for us and uphold high standards when dealing with our clients. To become a distributor for ChillSafe click on the ‘Distribution’ link on the Coolsan homepage, answer a few simple questions and submit your form. We will then be in contact with you as soon as we can to discuss your potential as a Coolsan distributor.

What is Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)?2017-01-19T14:33:44+09:30

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are molecules which have an electron in an excited (active) state associated with oxygen atoms in the molecule. The active electron provides the energy that makes ROS particularly effective deodoriser and disinfection agents.

Ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide and ozone are the most commonly used ROS used for disinfection purposes and the choice of them determines the type of protections that need to be taken to prevent harm to employees, property and the public.

Coolsan® Australia selected hydrogen peroxide as the preferred ROS to use in the ChillSafe sachet for use in refrigerated spaces due to the ease of use, the inherent control provided by the low vapour pressure ensuring vapour levels could never reach the exposure limits set by the EPA, and the decomposition products that are created when the molecule decomposes on contact with bacteria or odour molecules.

NOTE: Ethylene Oxide was not chosen due to its carcinogenic properties and Ozone was also rejected due to the extremely low exposure limits (80 – 100 ppb), the published effects on fresh produce* and the need to deploy ozone monitoring systems in areas where it is used.

Source: *Ozone factsheet